A Few of the Best Summer Blooms For Your Flower Garden

What is better than looking at some beautiful flowers on a gorgeous summer morning? People who love flowers will be able to tell you some of the names of each flower in the garden, and maybe even some characteristics about them. If you want to get going on a nice summer garden full of beautiful seasonal flowers, then keep some of the following summer bulbs in mind that you might want to plant.

summer bulbs

Tiger Lilies

One of the best summer blooms is tiger lilies. These are perennial bulbs that can be planted during spring, and then enjoyed in late summer. The size of them will vary, but they usually have very bright colors and dainty flowers with three or more petals. Some people keep these around as a reminder of their favorite person, or to honor a loved one who is no longer with them.


A lot of people get iris plants in early summer because they come in so many varieties, and they look so beautiful. If you want to plant them, you will need to make sure that they are in a well-drained spot of your garden because their roots do not like to be in water at all. In order for these plants to look nice, it is highly recommended that you fertilize them each spring before the growing season really begins.


Another great type of summer flower is gladiolus (aka glads). These are also planted in early spring, and then bloom into tall stalks with beautiful flowers that can be any color – some even look as though they have tiger stripes on them! When the gladiolus ripens, the flower will change to a creamy white or yellow color and eventually fall off, but it will leave behind a very fragrant seed head that can be used for seasonal decorating.

These are only a few of the top summer bulbs that you could think about planting in your own garden this summer. If you don’t have the time to do it this year, keep some of these gorgeous flowers in mind to populate your garden next summer and make your friends green with envy at your collection.