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Three Fun, Outdoorsy Additions that Would be Perfect for Your Home This Summer

You always hear about how summertime means fun in the sunshine, but not everyone wants to sit in the summer sun and sweat. There are other ways you can enjoy the warmth without putting yourself at risk for sunburns or vitamin D overload.

This article covers three fun, outdoorsy (ish) additions that would be perfect for your home this summer. Each one encourages you to relax and zen out while protecting your skin from the dangers of the summer sunshine.

Screen enclosures

Build a Shaded Bench for Your Side Garden

If you have a beautiful side garden, consider expanding it with a shaded bench. These are easy to build, perfect for DIY summer projects, and hold up well with the right stains and lacquers. You can make it extra wide for two people, add a back and arms for comfort, and even put on a comfy, plush cushion for extra coziness. It’s the perfect reading and relaxing spot.

Enclose Your Patio or Porch

Screen enclosures are great ways to keep the mosquitoes out of your face and off of your arms. The screens are breathable, durable, and protective. It’s also resistant to everything from rot and insects to UV rays and heavy rains.

Create an Awning Over Your Backdoor

If you have space outside of your backdoor, such as small patio space, this is the perfect place for an awning to shield you from the sunshine while you enjoy being outside. You can place a comfy patio chair underneath the awning and zen out. Plus, awnings are typically covered with heavy-duty, water-resistant cloth in fun colors or patterns.

Spending time outdoors in fresh air is good for your health. The aforementioned three fun, outdoorsy additions to your home will help you enjoy the beauty of summer without the direct swelter of sunshine that might come with it.