Common Signs That You Need Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioners are vital to surviving record-breaking heatwaves Americans have experienced over the past few years. Without a well-functioning air conditioner, it’s possible that your home or business may be inhabitable or cause severe health issues from heat exposure.

If you aren’t feeling the cold air you expect from your air conditioning unit, consider the following signs that it might be time to get A/C repair.


The first thing any property owner should do is go out to their air conditioning unit and listen for strange noises, including:

·    Loud Buzzing

·    Heavy Banging

·    Clunking

·    Frequent Clicking

These noises indicate loose components or broken parts that need to be repaired immediately to get your air conditioner function at optimum performance.


Dirt, dust, and debris can often clog vital systems in your air conditioner and cause poor performance. This can include low cooling temperature, overheating, and lengthy start-up times.

Failure to remove dust and debris causing the performance issues can lead to costly repairs of up to 3,500 dollars.

Utility Costs

If your machine seems to be running fine, but you are noticing an increase in your electric bills, that could be a sign that there is something internally wrong with your air conditioner’s power compressors. Faulty electrical components can not only increase your utility bills significantly but are also a fire hazard.


If any of these issues are occurring with your air conditioning unit, call a professional HVAC repair service immediately. These trained professionals have the equipment and training needed to quickly and efficiently repair or replace your broken air conditioner.

Furthermore, a professional air conditioning repair service can provide a warranty to protect you from any unforeseen issues that may arise in the future.