Why Epoxy Good For Garage

epoxy floor garage

Here is a brief intro to epoxy. It is for all those of you who may have heard the expression before but never quite got around to putting your finger on it. Well, you could put a hammer or a heavy iron mallet to your new epoxy floor garage and you’ll see it won’t make much of a difference. No damage done. Unless of course you happen to have the muscles of Samson. Brute force could be applied but work would still go on. 

But even so, the garage floor remains the messiest of all interiors within the domestic environment. And that’s even when it is just used to park the car at night. That’s all. It is easy to believe because when the car is standing idle for long periods of time, oil will leak. And even if you had the luxury of an epoxy floor, it is still a messy job to clean. But at least it is a whole lot better than having bare cement to deal with.

And if that is the case, then you may as well forget about it. You may as well forget about ever cleaning the bare cement because hardly ever are you going to get it right. But with epoxy flooring it is a different matter altogether. All you now need is a little bit of diligence and a sense of regularity that works like clockwork. And you could take matters a step further by simply placing a custom designed garage floor mat in the area where the car’s oil is likely to leak.

But then again. You need to ask yourself why the oil is leaking in the first place. It shouldn’t be, not at all. Even so, the epoxy floor is still good.