How To Keep Grass Green

The pride of any homeowner is their lawn. Countless hours are spent seeding, fertilizing, and watering to ensure that a full thick grass grows where it’s supposed to be, free from weeds or dead spots.

While the initial planting process is relatively simple, keeping grass green is a more challenging task. If you are having trouble getting your grass to grow or keeping it green, consider the following tips on how to keep your grass green.

Care Methods

Since 2017, Americans have spent over 29 billion dollars on lawn care. However, lawn care doesn’t have to break the bank.  To maintain a healthy green lawn on your own, be sure to:

·    Avoid Over Watering – Just like too little water can ruin your grass, so can too much water.

·    Remove Weeds – Parasitic plants can absorb water intended for your grass. Be sure to pull weeds from the root to ensure adequate water reaches your plants.

sprinkler installation

·    Trim Trees & Bushes – Large branches from trees, bushes, and shrubs, can block sunlight needed to help the grass grow full and thick.


If you don’t have the time to keep up with lawn maintenance, consider professional landscaper’s services. These services provide expert laborers highly skilled in maintaining the health of your grass, including:

·    Water Control Techniques – A professional landscaping service can provide sprinkler installation to better control the amount of water your grass gets.

·    Pest Control – Grubs, beetles, and other burrowing insects can severely damage your grass. Professional lawn services utilize the latest in natural pesticides to remove pests without damaging lawn growth.

·    Trimming Services – Without the proper equipment, removing large hanging branches and big bushes can be difficult. A professional lawn care service has all the equipment needed to trim shadow casting branches and large bushes safely.